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The purpose of this document is to facilitate communication between the tenant (you) and the landlord (Cal Curpets). It does not imply any legal link, it is merely informative.
The basis of this document may be flexible to facilitate the process of both parties, if circumstances so require, with the prior agreement of both parties and provided that neither landlord nor tenant is harmed.
This document will be flexible and evolutionary, it may be modified without prior notice. Thanks to feedback and experiences from both parties, it can be modified to better attempt future contractual relationships. It may also be modified by legal changes in regulations imposed by third parties.


1) You discover us in some way and decide to contact Cal Curpets through the website, contact methods or other broadcast channels that may be used.
2) From Cal Curpets, we will contact you and inform you of all the details you need.
3) When you decide to come and visit our house, we will book your stay for 3 days, in which you must make a transfer to the account number that we will provide you with the corresponding amount of the reservation plus the amount of the deposit. If after those 3 days we have no news of you, we will cancel your reservation.
4) We will also send you a contract for you to return it signed together with proof of the transfer.
5) Once this procedure is done, the reservation is yours, we will see you the day you chose to visit us.


1) When you get to the house, we will be waiting for you to give you the keys.
2) You will have to pay the rest of the stay in cash.
3) For legal reasons, we must inform who is staying in our house, so we will need the ID of the occupants in your stay.
4) We will check the house together to check its condition and that there are no damages.


1) Only you will be in the house. We’re not renting it for rooms or anyone else.
2) We will not be there either, we will leave you with your privacy, but if any anomaly occurs, you must notify us as soon as possible.
3) You can make use of all the equipment of the house, both leisure and appliances.
4) We know that you come to enjoy, but try to respect the people and the neighbors.


1) You must leave the house in optimal cleaning conditions. This point is important, it also influences the return of the bond.
2) We will meet before you leave to collect the keys.
3) We will re-check the condition of the house together and if there are no damages, we will refund your deposit.
4) We like to know how your stay in our house has been, so in a few days we will communicate with you so that you can tell us about your experience. That helps us improve for future visits and in case you decide to come back.


You can come in from 4.m. If for any reason you’re going to be here later, just let us know, we’ll adapt.
You’ll have to leave the house before 12 noon. If for any reason you leave earlier, let us know, remember that we have to collect the keys and return the deposit.
Check-in and check-out times can be flexible depending on the availability of the house. It is important that if you want to adapt the schedule you will let us know before starting your stay.


1) 25% of the total amount of your stay plus the deposit at the time of booking. It is paid by transfer.
2) The remaining 75% of the total amount of your stay when handing over keys.
3) When you return the keys, if the house is unmanyed, we will refund your deposit.


• If you cancel your stay up to 14 days of arrival or within 48 hours following the booking, we will refund 100% of the amount paid. We will deduct any expenses and/or commissions that may be available.
• If you cancel between 7 and 14 days in advance, we will refund 50% of the amount paid and 100% of the deposit. We will deduct any expenses and/or commissions that may be available.
• If you cancel less than 7 days in advance, we will not refund the amount paid but if the deposit. We will deduct any expenses and/or commissions that may be available.
• If we must cancel your stay, it will not be by our decision, it will be by major forces that prevent us from offering you the best service. Of course we will refund the amount of the reservation and the amount of the deposit without deducting any expenses and / or commissions that may be on our part.
• If after booking restrictions or causes of force majeure are announced that prevent arrival at the accommodation on the dates booked, the amount of the reservation and deposit will be saved for another reservation later or refunded next to the deposit, discounting, if any, possible commissions.


• High season includes Christmas (December 24 to January 6), New Year’s Eve, Easter, national bridges and summer season (June 1 to September 30
• The low season is the rest of the year.
• We reserve the right to change the minimum reservation of nights.


You can come with your pet to our house, you have to notify us when formalizing the reservation. Pet fee is available per night. We know that if you bring your pet with you it’s because you love her and you know how to take care of her, but there are some basic rules that we have to remind you of:
• The owner of the pet must comply with the regulations in force in this regard. You will be responsible for any damages that it may cause or for those actions that may arise from your behavior.
• Do not leave your pet alone in the house or one of the rooms, day or night.
• Thinking about future visitors and possible allergies, do not allow your pet to go up to beds, sofa, etc…
• Do not use the equipment of the house for the use of your pet (utensils, towels, etc…).
• Prevent you from doing your needs at home, and if you do, take responsibility for cleaning the droppings. Don’t leave his excrement outside either.
• Prevent your pet from disturbing neighbors, respect distances and avoid barking.
• If your pet can be aggressive with people or other pets, always carry it tied up.
• PPT or potentially dangerous breeds must comply with the rules relating to their documentation.


• WIFI connection throughout the house.
• Clean bed linen and towels for all occupants of the house.
• Dishwasher, coffee maker, washing machine, dryer, toaster, microwave and small appliances that you can find in any kitchen.
• Free use bikes to enjoy as a group.
• High chair and baby cot.
• You will find pellet and wood supply for pellet stove and ground fire.
• All rooms have heating and other air conditioning rooms with heat pump that you can use to your liking.
• TV in living room and dining room.
• Board games, books and darts target.
• HiFi equipment with tons of DVD movies.


Our job is to make you enjoy a rural stay and let yourself organize yourself however you want, but as we know that when you get to a place, you want to live in relaxation, we can help you with third-party services that you may need:
• If you are going to be in our house for many days, you may need additional cleaning.
• If you want to buy a nearby product and you can’t do it (by dates, it has to be ordered…).
• You liked a product and when you return home you want to try it again.
• Do not feel like cooking and prefer a catheterization.
• If you want to hire an activity and do not know where or how.
Contact us and I’m sure we can help you.


Let us try among all that your stay leaves no mark on the ecosystem of our people. Let’s take care of the environment between everyone and the people so we can continue to enjoy it.
• Respect the rest of the neighbors.
• When you leave, do not throw butts, papers,…, cans, that contaminate and deteriorate the beauty of these places.
• Saving electricity is saving pollution. Turn off the lights when you don’t need them. If you think he’s the last one to leave a room, make sure the lights are off.
• Heating the house is a high cost to the environment. Do not use heating with windows open.
• The toilet is not a good waste disposal system. Please use the bins.


During your stay we will not disturb you, but unforeseen events may arise, you may need help or simple information.
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